How To Make Wheat Wine

Homemade Wine Recipe

Ingredients: Wheat Wine

1 lb / 450 grams wheat
2 lbs / 900 grams sultanas
1 lb / 450 grams chopped potatoes
4 lbs / 1,800 grams sugar
1 oz yeast
2 grapefruits
8 pints / 1 gallon water

Method - What to Do

Wash and chop sultanas and potatoes. Add to clean winemaking fermentation bucket, together with grapefruit juice and zest. Wash wheat and add to mixture, with sugar. Pour on boiling water and stir well, until all of the sugar has dissolved. Allow wine mixture to cool and then add activated wine yeast.

Stir wine 'must' daily for around three weeks. Strain and add to sterilised demijohn. Fit airlock and rack and three-monthly intervals until clear. Bottle wheat wine after around 10 to 12 months and allow the wheat wine to stand for many months before drinking.

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