How To Make Sloe Gin

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Sloe Gin

1 1/2 lb/ 750 grams fresh sloes
4 oz / 100 grams sugar
2 pints / 1,200 ml gin

Method - What to Do

Sloe gin is an incredibly popular and easy liqueur to make and is traditionally regarded as the ultimate country / hedgerow drink. It is important that you wait for at least a couple of overnight frosts before you pick the sloes, since this has the effect of intensifying the flavour.

Wash the sloes, removing the stalks and pricking them with a pointed knife, or similar. Place the pricked sloes in a glass or plastic jar (with screw-top) and then add the sugar. Mix and leave to stand in a warm place for three days. At this stage, add the gin and then store in a dark cupboard for up to four months, periodically giving the jar a good shake. Strain well, bottle and then leave to stand for at least one year before drinking.

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