How To Make Raspberry Gin

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Raspberry Gin

2 lb / 1,000 grams ripe raspberies (as fresh as possible)
1 pint / 600 ml gin
2 pints / 1,200 ml water
1 lb / 450 grams sugar

Method - What to Do

Wash the raspberries carefully and place into a large jar. Add the gin and leave to stand for five days, gently shaking the mixture each day. Boil the water, add the sugar and simmer for a few minutes. Once cooled, add to the raspberry gin and seal the jar, preferably with a screw-top.

Leave in a cool, dark spot and occasionally shake the jar, to mix the raspberries. After three or four months, strain thoroughly to ensure that all of the mashed-up raspberries are removed, and that the clarity is good. Bottle into small bottles and enjoy.

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