How To Make Raspberry Brandy

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Raspberry Brandy

1 lb / 500 grams ripe raspberries (freshly picked)
1 pint / 600 ml brandy
2 pints / 1,200 ml water
1 lb / 450 grams sugar
1 pinch of cinnamon power
1 inch of cloves

Method - What to Do

Wash the raspberries well and then place into a large glass or plastic jar. Add the pint of brandy and leave standing for appeoximately five days, gently adjitating the brandy mixture each day. Boil all of the water, add the sugar, stir until dissolved and simmer for a couple of minutes. Once cool, add the sugar water to the raspberry brandy and seal the jar, using a screw-top or similar.

Leave in a cool cupboard and occasionally give the jar a good shake, to mix the raspberries. After three months (or slightly longer if required), strain the liquor, ensuring that all of the raspberry pieces are completely removed, and that the overall clarity is good. At this stage, pour into bottles, ready for drinking.

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