How To Make Peach Wine

Homemade Wine Recipe

Ingredients: Peach Wine

2 lbs / 900 grams peaches or nectarines
2 1/2 lbs / 1,100 grams granulated sugar
1/2 teaspoon pectic enzyme
1/4 teaspoon tannin (or cup of black tea)
6 pints boiling water
Wine yeast
1 teaspoon yeast nutrient / energiser
1 campden tablet

Method - What to Do

Remove stones from peaches and slice finely, placing in winemaking fermentation bucket. Add boiling water to the chopped peaches, together with the sugar, tannin, wine yeast nutrient and campden table. Mix well to ensure that sugar is completely dissolved and allow to stand, until the peach wine mixture has cooled to room temperature.

Add activated wine yeast and pectic enzyme, stir twice daily for around three days. At this stage the fermenting peach wine 'must' can be thoroughly strained and poured into a sterilised demijohn, with a wine airlock. Rack after one month, and then again two more times over the next six months. At one year old the peach wine should be clear, stable and taste delightful. Bottle the peach wine and allow the wine to stand for a further six months before drinking, if possible.

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