How To Make Old Fashioned Lemonade

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Old Fashioned Lemonade

3 large lemons
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
2 pints / 1,250 ml water

Method - What to Do

This recipe makes approximately six to eight glasses, and is best garnished with slices of lemon and a sprig of freshly picked mint, being perfect for a summer barbecue or afternoon party.

Wash the lemons and slice them on a plate, so that none of the resultant juice is wasted. Place the lemon slices and juice in a jug and add the sugar. Pour on the water (boiling) and leave to stand for at least two hours - maximum 24 hours. Strain this refreshing citrus drink and serve chilled, preferably with a few cubes of ice.

Substitute one of the lemons for two limes for a different flavour. If your drink isn't quite lemony enough, then stregthen the flavour by adding a few drops of ready-bought bottled lemon or lime juice, or alternatively mix in some zest.

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