How To Make Oak Leaf Wine

Homemade Wine Recipe

Ingredients: Oak Leaf Wine

4,500 ml / 8 pints of young, freshly picked oak tree leaves
8 oz / 225 grams sultanas
2 lb / 1,000 grams sugar
1/4 teaspoon of malt extract
2 lemons
8 pints / 1 gallon cooled, boiled water
1/4 oz / 10 grams wine yeast

Method - What to Do

This is a very pleasant and pallatable wine, although it can be a little on the strong side - so be warned! Trim off the stems from the end of the oak tree leaves and rinse the leaves thoroughly, pressing them into the jug to measure the quanity of eight pints. Place all of the washed leaves into the fermenation bucket and add the sultanas (washed and chopped), together with the juice of both lemons and the malt extract (pure). Dissolve the sugar in one pint of boiling water and allow to completely cool down. Pour the sugar solution onto the oak leaf mixture and then top up with the remaining quantity of water. Start the yeast in a separate container and then add to the bucket, stirring thoroughly. Cover and leave for ten days, stirring at least once a day.

After the ten-day period, siphon into the demijohn and if necessary, top up with boiled water (cooled). Allow the oak wine to ferment for at least three months and bottle when the yeast has stopped working. Leave to stand and clear for a further 12 months, so that the flavour can properly mature.

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