How To Make Mintade

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Mintade

3 large lemons
3 tablespoons brown sugar
Small handful of crushed mint leaves
2 pints / 1,250 ml water

Method - What to Do

This pale green drink is especially refreshing and can be made in a matter of minutes. Many people choose to accompany this drink with mint-chocolate biscuits or similar.

Wipe the lemons to clean them and then finely slice them over a plate, so that all of the juice is captured and not wasted. Pour the lemons and juice into a large jug and add the crushed mint leaves, together with the sugar. On to this, mix in the water, which should have just boiled and still be very hot. Leave to steep for at least two hours, or up to a whole day if prepared well in advance. Strain, serve in glasses with ice, and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint.

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