How To Make Hawthorn Blossom Wine

Homemade Wine Recipe

Ingredients: Hawthorn Blossom Wine

4 pints of fresh hawthorn flowers / blossoms
2 lemons
3 1/2 lbs / 1,600 grams sugar
8 pints / 1 gallon water
Wine yeast
Yeast nutrient / energiser
1 pint white grape juice concentrate

Method - What to Do

Wash and zest the lemon, taking care not to include any of the white pith. Extract the juice from one of the lemons and then boil with the water and sugar for around 30 minutes. Cool and pour into winemaking fermenting bucket, adding the grape juice concentrate and wine yeast. Stand for 24 hours and then and the hawthorn blossoms, stirring twice daily for around eight days.

Strain wine through muslin and transfer hawthorn blossom wine mixture into sterilised demijohns, with airlock. Rack once fermentation has slowed and wine has cleared. Rack again after three months and then bottle, allowing the wine to stand for at least six months or longer.

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