How To Make Gooseberry Champagne

Homemade Wine Recipe

Ingredients: Gooseberry Champagne

6 lb / 2,750 grams unripe green gooseberries
3 lb / 1,500 grams sugar
8 pints / 1 gallon water
1/4 oz / 10 grams Champagne yeast

Method - What to Do

Top and tail all of the gooseberries and then add to the fermentation container. Pour on four pints of boiling water and stir the gooseberries well, squashing them to release the juices. Once cooled, squash further with your hands, taking care not to crush the seeds, since these can release an unpleasant bitterness.

After a 24-hour period, add the sugar and stir until it has completely dissolved. Add the remaining water (cold) and leave for a further day. Strain through muslin and return the mixture to the fermentation bucket, adding the Champagne yeast. After three days, siphon the gooseberry liqour into a demijohn and leave untouched for up to six months. Siphon into a clear jar and leave until the spring. Bottle into strong glass bottles, using wire ties to stop the corks exploding. If possible, leave for a minimum of three months, preferably longer, by which time it should be well and truly sparkling.

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