How To Make Elderflower Cordial

Homemade Recipe

Ingredients: Elderflower Cordial

25 large elderflower heads
3 lb / 1,500 grams brown sugar
2 oz / 50 grams tartaric acid or citric acid
4 oranges
1 large lemon
3 pints / 1,750 ml water

Method - What to Do

This really is a much better altenative to actually buying so-called 'fruit juice' drinks from supermarkets. It is easy to make and is bursting with all of the flavours of summer.

Slice the lemons and oranges (don't waste any of the juice). Then, simply add all of these ingredients to a large bucket and still well, so that the sugar can completely dissolve. Cover, leave for between 24 and 48 hours, and strain thoroughly, first using a seive and then muslin or similar. Pour into bottles and store in a cool place, for no longer than 12 months. An easy alternative for storage is to simply freeze in ice cube bags, so that your elderflower cordial is easily to hand, with two or three ice cubes in a glass of chilled water being the perfect quantity for this drink.

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