How To Make Brown Ale

Homemade Ale Recipe

Ingredients: Brown Ale

3 lb / 1,500 grams malt extract syrup
2 lb / 1,000 grams dark brown sugar
2 oz / 60 grams roasted barley
2 oz / 60 grams Northern brewing hops (or equivalent)
1 oz / 30 grams flaked or rolled barley
1 oz / 30 grams wheat malt
1 oz / 30 grams Goldings hops
6 oz / 170 grams crystal malt
1/12 oz / 45 grams black malt
2 oz / 60 grams lactose
ale yeast

Method - What to Do

Dissolve the malt extract in a large saucepan of water and bring to the boil, adding the grains and simmering for around one hour. Strain this mixture, rinsing the grains with some further boiling water to make five gallons of fluid in total.

Dissolve the dark brown sugar in two pints of warm water and then tip this into the brown ale mixture. Then add the lactose for additional sweetness, together with the homebrewing yeast. Allow to ferment in a warm place for five days, stirring each day. Remove to a secondary fermenting contains and add an additional one teaspoon of dark brown sugar. Add finings after two days and then leave to stand for a further eight days. Prepare your beer bottles by adding a half-teaspoon of brewer's glucose and bottle the brown ale.

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